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Date Published - 2014-03-27 Author - Megan Whitehouse

Eyelid Wrinkles

Eyelid Wrinkles are caused by exposure to ultraviolet light, smoking, the repeated use of facial expressions like smiling or frowning, and, of course, simply ageing.

General wrinkles are a natural part of ageing, but the wrinkles around the eyes can be due to environmental factors and genetics. The environmental factors are nutritional such as insufficient Vitamin E, emotional such as high levels of stress and exhaustion, weight such as being overweight or losing lots of weight quickly and probably the biggest culprit, smoking.

Eyelid wrinkles cause the eyelids to sag and have 'bags' under the eyes. Eyelid wrinkles are most pronounced because people look directly at you and generally at your eyes when they talk to you. Overcoming these types of wrinkles will have a huge impact on how old you look.

As we said earlier, under-eye wrinkles seem to inevitably come with age, but it isn't just the passing years that cause wrinkles around the eyes. Environment and genetics are also important in this process. Genetics, you will have to speak to your parents about this, as it is predetermined there is not too much we can do, but we can control the environmental factors, so all is not lost.

The protein fibres collagen and elastin in skin cells give skin its resilience and elasticity. They form an elastic fibrous network that regain it original shape once it has been pressed or pulled. As you get older so this elasticity decreases due to the slowing of the collagen and elastin production in the skin. This is natural that your skin thins and loses some of its resiliency.


The affects of the sun on the skin is huge. The UVA and UVB suns rays change the molecular structure of the skin reducing the production of collagen and elastin. The skin under the eyes is very thin and therefore more easily damaged. It is constantly in the sun and exposed all day long. When applying sun block this area is often avoided.

Bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption will accelerate the ageing process, so give up smoking. The smoking has a number of ways that it affects the ageing process. It has a physical affect, the puckering of the lips to suck on the cigarette causes wrinkles around the mouth mainly but also around the eyes. The second is a chemical affect, it absorbs or uses up anti-oxidants that would otherwise be used to prevent damage by free radicals. This damage accentuates the ageing process. Alcohol has a similar effect with the anti-oxidants but has an additional effect of dehydration. The body has to use plenty of water to breakdown alcohol so it draws it from where ever it can resulting in dehydrated skin.

Malnutrition is another preventable condition damaging the skin causing wrinkles. The poor eating habits rob the skin of essential nutrients for the creation of the various proteins. This is very noticeable around the eye and in the delicate under eye are causing the eyelid wrinkles.

Heredity will determine where you get your wrinkles, if you get crows feet or bags under your eyes etc. The severity of the effects can be moderated by taking a few steps. Always use a SPF 30 on your face. Make sure you apply it to the delicate parts under the eye. Stop smoking, reduce weight and reduce your alcohol consumption.

An over the counter moisturiser may give some results but it will not be dramatic.

Use our advertised products for the best results. These have very dramatic results.

Date Published - 2014-03-27 Author - Megan Whitehouse


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